Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Touhou Project Character Patchouli Knowledge

Patchouli Knowledge (パチュリー・ノーレッジ Pachurī Nōrejji?)
Species: Witch
Ability: Magic, especially elemental magic
Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion
Theme Song: Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
Title: The Girl of Knowledge and Shadow
Stage 4 boss, and a playable character in Immaterial and Missing Power, and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. A scholar who is a friend of Remilia Scarlet's. She resides in the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and is the de facto librarian. In fact, she rarely leaves it and is somewhat of a hikikomori. She has command over the seven elements (which the Japanese days of the week are named after, making her the "One-week Wizard") and is in theory an extremely powerful magician. However, her constitution is very poor and asthma often prevents her from reciting her spells. She has a tenuous relationship with Marisa, who tends to carry off her books without asking.

Patchouli Knowledge Cosplay